Al-Qalam Qur’an Project

Application round 2:

Once all the applications were reviewed, by a select team of judges.
99 of the best submissions were forwarded to Haji Noor Deen and his team in China.

Step 1: Submission of 2nd Calligraphy Piece

Once all applications had been carefully reviewed, applicants that qualify, were notified that they have been shortlisted for the next step.

They were then required to submit a 2nd piece of Arabic calligraphy. This one would be in a script of participants’ choice of at least 10 verses of their choice. The originals of these were sent in for evaluation.

Step 2 : Recommendation Letters

They also needed to send in recommendation letters:-

For the letters, each applicant needed to provide at least two letters of recommendations. These letters needed to meet the following criteria:

– These letters should have been issued by the applicant’s Madrasa teachers who could testify to their skills and character, or their prominent local Imam or mulema, or a reputable Muslim entrepreneur, or other respected Muslim acquaintances who are aware of and can testify to their skills and character.

– These letters needed to be signed by the endorsing party and include their contact details (address and phone numbers.)

– The copies of the letters were then emailed to Deen Arts Foundation South Africa, And the originals of these letters, together with the original physical copies of their written tasks from Round 1 and from Round 2 via courier or hand-in at the Deen Arts Foundation South Africa office in Cape Town.

Step 3 : Attend an Interview

Applicants who qualified for the final stage were required to attend an interview. Depending on your specific circumstances, Deen Arts Foundation South Africa would conduct either an in-person or an online interview.

Step 4: Await Your Acceptance Letter:

Applicants who qualified, were issued acceptance letters to the programme together with the necessary information detailing the next steps. They also received contracts that they needed to sign in order to join this course.

If you require further clarification on this project and how you can join in future, please feel free to contact Quraan@deenartsfoundation.org.za We eagerly anticipate welcoming selected and honoured students to embark on this noble programme of copying the Holy Qur’an.