Al-Qalam Qur’an Project

Application Round 1:

Step 1 : Compile a Personal Profile

Required items for the profile section:
A copy of your ID or birth certificate (applicants needed to be 18 or older to apply)
Plus the Completed form from step 1.
And the written task from step 3.

Step 2: Letter of Motivation 

A letter of motivation as to why you wanted to do this programme and why we should choose you. Please do not exceed 2 pages / 300 words.

Step 3: Handwritten Task

The Al-Qalam Qur’an Project handwritten task: This was a skills-based test in which all applicants were to write the standard given calligraphy lines (shown below) as best as they could.

It needed to be in A4 format, scanned / photographed, cropped and lightened where needed. Formats accepted were: Jpeg and Png. The applicant’s full name and cell phone number also needed to be written on the piece.

Applicants were asked to please keep their original works as we asked for them later.


Complete an online application form.