Tezhip / Illumination

What this art is about

Tezhip is the Turkish word meaning “ornamenting with gold” and represents the Ottoman tradition of beautifying calligraphy. Renowned professor of Tezhip, Dr Çiçek Derman, once said, “If the aim of the Hattat (calligrapher) is to write the Holy Qur’an in his best handwriting, the Tezhip artist aims to illuminate it to express what is in their heart.”  Tezhip, is the art of illumination and is an art form associated with using gold in its motifs and patterns. Tezhip is used to adorn calligraphy,  books, manuscripts, religious texts; as well as be a standalone art form. In the study of Tezip, one learns how to form particular motifs and patterns often associated with the vegetation and flowers of a particular country or region.