The Deen Arts Foundation South Africa recently hosted a gala event to celebrate “The Written Beauty of the Quran”. The event showcased distinguished figures from the global Islamic arts community and was attended by esteemed guests. The evening featured a five-course dinner, an Islamic Sacred Art Exhibition and a graduation ceremony.

Approximately 70 exquisite Sacred Islamic Arts and Calligraphy pieces were exhibited, and created by esteemed teachers from all over the world and their talented students. The exhibition was a visual feast for all attendees, highlighting the exceptional skills and artistry of the esteemed instructors and their diverse pupils.

The event also featured a momentous graduation ceremony, honoring the academic achievements of four exceptional South African students who graduated in Islamic sacred art disciplines. The four graduates were Faheem Rhoda Jackson for Riq’a (Ottoman Script), Sabiha Jhetam-Loonat for Arabic Calligraphy in the Chinese Style (ACCS), Shurahbeel Peck for Riq’a (Ottoman Script), and Zulfar Tofie Samodien for Arabic Calligraphy in the Chinese Style (ACCS).

The delectable five-course dinner was crafted to delight and satisfy the taste buds of all attendees. As a special treat, the latest Mercedes-Benz vehicles were also presented, adding to the elegance and glamour of the evening.

The event was a huge success, made possible by the generous support of Mercedes-Benz Malmesbury and Harley-Davidson South Africa, among others.